Horseback riding for the entire family
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Clyde, NC 28721
When you think of Maggie Valley Horseback riding or Asheville horseback riding, we're nearby and easy access, just off Interstate 40.
When your're looking for fun things to do in Maggie Valley, NC...
   Come on out for a ride!
The American Paint horse A colorful part of our western heritage. Let your imagination carry you back to a simpler time
Enjoy horseback riding with our full hunting guide services, overnight camping, full meal provisions or any necessary equipment supplied.
Choose from a one, two or more hours for your adventure ride.
From 2 to 10 in your party, it's all good, we can handle it!
The American Paint Horse
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Relaxing !
 We are a family oriented stable with some of the most gentle as well as beautiful American Paint horses you'll find, anywhere.
Nothing fancy, here! No need to pay for frills or extras that you don't need. We provide simple, basic horseback rides.
The American Paint horses are descendents from the American Quarter Horse and the Thoroughbred . Paints were a part of the herds of horses that roamed wild on the western plains. Native Americans widely used the Paint.

The Paint was preferred by cowboys for cattle work because they are very nimble and work hard. American Paint Horses are easy-going, friendly and intelligent. That's why we believe them to be the best breed for comfortable, safe horseback riding.

The Paint has a distinctive coloring pattern. Their coat markings are in the TOBIANO Class, white with dark markings, or OVERO Class, dark with light markings, or theTOVERO CLASS, a combination of a spotting pattern that is a mix of TOBIANO and OVERO coloration, such as blue eyes on a dark head.
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